Emotional Transformation Therapy, or ETT, was developed by Dr. Steven Vasquez as a new form of therapy that has the ability to quickly and effectively alleviate emotional stress (and the physical pain that it causes) from the body.  It is an attachment-based approach that utilizes light and/or color wavelengths to assist clients in achieving resolution in areas of their lives that had previously been unresolved.

ETT is a gentle yet powerful way to help clients work through past traumas, attachment injuries, grief and loss issues, negative relational patterns…just to name a few!  Clients are encouraged to express themselves in whatever way feels comfortable…all while being exposed to various forms of color and/or light.  Through the use of additional techniques (such as directed eye movements or peripheral stimulation of the eye), clients are able to process negative events or experiences in a way that produces immediate, long-term results.

For more information on ETT, please visit www.ettia.org.